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Special Offers

At The Lodge Veterinary Centre we believe in great value and always have a range of offers available.

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Free flea, worm and dental check

Worried that your pet may have some creepy crawlies of its own?  Or perhaps you feel that their breath smells?

Why not book a free flea, worm and dental check – contact us to make an appointment.

Discounted dog neutering

Have you had your puppy vaccinated at The Lodge Veterinary Centre? 
If so, we have a great offer just for you! For procedures carried out within a year of the primary vaccinations, we will:

Spay a bitch for £110 including VAT
(£130 if over 35kg)

Castrate a dog for £85 including VAT
(£100 if over 35kg)

Please remember to quote the neutering offer when booking your dog in to take advantage of our reduced prices.

This discounted price includes:

  • Pre-op check with the vet.
  • Surgical procedure under general anaesthetic.
  • Post-op antibiotic and pain-killing injections.
  • Check up at 2-3 days.
  • Suture removal/final check at 10 days.

Buster collars or Medical Vests will be supplied to all animals but this will be at an extra cost, which depends on the individual size needed.

Terms and conditions apply – please contact us for details. Please note that we will not spay bitches in season.

To take advantage of our discounted price, remember to quote the neutering offer when booking your dog in.


Fixed price dog neutering

If your puppy was not vaccinated at the Lodge Veterinary Centre, you can still take advantage of our fixed price dog neutering, with pricing as follows:

  • Dog castration up to 20kg: £100 incl VAT
  • Dog castration 20-40kg: £130 incl VAT
  • Bitch spay up to 20kg: £130 incl VAT
  • Bitch spay 20-40kg: £160 incl VAT

This includes antibiotics and pain relief, a 2 days post-operative check and stitch removal at 10 days.

Buster collars will be supplied to all animals but this will be at an extra cost, which depends on the individual size needed.

For animals above 40kg, obese pets or pregnant bitches the neutering price will be estimated on request.

The terms and conditions for dogs neutered under the vaccine offer remain the same.

Discounted cat neutering

From 1st March 2016:

Spay for £45.00 including VAT

Castrate for £30.00 including VAT

his price includes antibiotic and pain relief at the time of the operation where necessary, and a ‘buster collar’ for female cats that are spayed.

Cats Protection Neutering Campaign

We are also paticipating in the Cats Protection ‘Neutering for £5.00’ for owners who live in the poscodes B1 to B45 and who satisfy CP’s criteria.

If you are on means tested benefit (e.g. income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit, pension credit, state pension, income based ESA, income based JSA, universal credit, working tax credits) or if you are earning an annual income of less than £15,000 you can have your cat neutered using a Cats Protection voucher and the cost to you is only £5.00.  You will have to provide proof of your benefit via a benefits agency letter or proof of your income via a wage slip or bank statement.

Please note that the voucher will only cover costs for neutering and not for any other non-neutering medical treatment.  You can request that treatment or medication is provided at the time of neutering, but you will be responsible for any additional costs.  These can be made clear to you at the time.  

Please contact us for more details about cat neutering or to book an appointment.

Pet Care Plan offers

Sign up to our Pet Care Plan to be eligible for these exclusive member offers:

50% OFF the price of this years’ booster vaccinations

The fees for next year’s booster will be included in your Plan membership.


10% OFF the price of all practice products and services

Puppy and kitten vaccinations

For just £44 including VAT we are currently offering

Full course of two puppy or kitten vaccinations

Please contact us to book an appointment.

Puppy and Kitten Packages

Full course of two puppy or kitten vaccinations plus neutering at 6-12mths of age

Register your new puppy or kitten and purchase one of our packages for full primary vaccinations and neutering within the first 12mths from the following prices:

Male Cat £70 inc VAT

Female Cat £85 inc VAT

Male Dog £120 inc VAT

Female Dog £150 inc VAT

Please contact us to book an appointment


We offer veterinary care for all small animals by appointment at our two surgeries.


We have two  conveniently located surgeries one located in Hodge Hill and the other in Coleshill.

Special Offers

At the Lodge Veterinary Centre we believe in great value and always have a range of special offers available.

Pet Care Plan

Find out about our fantastic  Pet Care Plan.  Budget monthly for your pet’s regular healthcare needs.

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